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It’s Time to Discuss the Rules of Engagement.

It takes strategy, creativity, a keen understanding of the different social networks, and the ability to stay on top of changes in the social media industry like a meerkat on a scorpion (those little mammals love those things!).

It may mean a creative YouTube series for your brand, a Twitter outreach campaign, a photo contest on Facebook, influencer outreach, a combination of these, or something else completely different. What you’ll get with WDG is all that and more. Because we don’t create one-off campaigns that bring in your target audience for a short amount of time. We build a social media strategy that keeps you engaging with your fans all year long. The results? More fans and followers, more leads, and ultimately, more sales.

Sound good?

It’s time to go social, or go home

Facebook has more than 400 million active users. Twitter boasts more than 75 million accounts. YouTube is the second most popular search engine—losing only to the behemoth that is Google. And more than 94.1 million adults read blogs. Social media use has skyrocketed, and the odds are, it will only get bigger. One thing is abundantly clear—if you are not engaged with social media marketing, you are not reaching all of your potential audience.

We provide the following social media solutions:

  1. RSS content distribution
  2. Social media audits
  3. Campaign planning
  4. Profile development and design
  5. Promotional campaign strategizing
  6. Viral campaign development
  7. Friend and follower building
  8. Post copywriting
  9. Social network advertising
  10. Reputation monitoring
  11. Widget development
  12. Mobile application development
  13. And more

Can you use social media networks to market to your target audience, and ultimately, bring in sales?

It may not have been love at first sight, but today, social media and marketing go hand-in-hand. Recent studies show that the 35+ age demographic now comprises more than 30% of Facebook’s entire user base, while the 55+ age group is the fastest growing demographic on the social network. This means it’s no longer about the tweens of the world (Miley Cyrus aside)—social media platforms are now important channels for marketing to business and family decision makers. And they work. In one month a WDG client saw their Facebook page generate a higher overall sales conversion rate than any of their other online marketing campaigns, and just one of their wall posts received more than 40 comments and interactions. Social media marketing can and will engage your target audience and improve your bottom line. This means it’s imperative to develop a strategy for your interactive marketing campaigns, including identifying and clearly defining the measurements you will use to determine success. That’s where WDG comes in.

Our client success specialists use market research to determine which social networks are right for you to start communicating with your audience. Once they’ve evaluated and chosen the social network sites that are the best fit for your brand, they work with you to develop a strategy to target and engage your customers. Then, it’s time to dive in. This includes:

How can blogs help maximize the ROI of your complete online presence?

A company blog is an excellent channel for updating clients and consumers on relevant industry news, upcoming events and promotions . And people are reading them—more than 90 million people. In addition, weblogs are receiving the highest percentage of visits from Facebook and Twitter-compared to other pages of interest. It’s all about content and the kind of current information a blog can provide.  And more visitors+more time with your company=a better bottom line. Period.

It’s all part of our social media marketing services.