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Digital Public Relations

Public Relations=Relating to the Public. And where is the public today? Online, of course.

Gone are the days of the hard-lined press release announcing only “big news” and distributed exclusively to a handful of journalists and reporters. And your old clip book—you can likely toss that, too, in favor of something a little more measurable (not to mention green).

Today, digital public relations accomplishes numerous feats in one quick, measurable, easy to deploy and universally accepted swoop.

Did we mention that digital PR is an excellent way to get direct feedback from your audience? Press coverage is still king in the public relations world. But being able to speak directly with your clients and prospects—quickly—is a pretty great bonus. And one that you can cash in on.

Digital Public Relations Services From WDG Include:

Starting is easy, stalling is costly. Request a Proposal today.

Today, business public relations is about forming relationships with the public.

And that public is online. So if you want to spread your news–building brand awareness and getting people to talk positively about your brand–you’ve got to get social. And, while pitching your press release to the media is still an important part of public relations, today you need to also spend some time speaking directly to your customers. And that’s where WDG comes in. Give Them What They Want: Online Press Releases

Your customers and journalists are looking for news a bit differently. Take, for example, a journalist in a news room who is looking for information on a product or service your company provides. This reporter may type a search query into Google. Are they going to find your company’s website, photos and videos on the search engine results page (SERP)? Or are your website and your news releases going to be buried below your competitor’s? To put it simply, if you’re not at the top of search engine results pages, you won’t be in the article, either. Now flip that, and consider it’s your customer looking for information on your products. The result is the same—if you don’t show up in the first few pages of search results, to them, it’s almost like you don’t exist. But don’t worry with services from WDG, we can make sure that your company’s news and press releases appear at the top of those search results. Our skilled client success specialists have years of experience with:

PR Services and Social Media Marketing: A Match Made in Second Life Heaven

Journalists and prospective customers are looking for news they can quickly and easily spread to their followers. They want the absolute latest and greatest, with up-to-the-minute details and information. And they’re getting it—on Twitter. Take, for instance, the shocking death of Michael Jackson. The news of his death was first announced with a Twitter post by TMZ—and that one post captivated millions.

While your news may not shock the world, reporters are out there looking for the kind of information your company can provide. They just want it quickly, in 140-characters or less. And when coupled with a social media press release, those Tweets are far more powerful to reporters and journalists than a press release posted on a wire distribution alone.

The Makings of an Effective Press Release

There’s a reason the comics and the sports page are the most popular sections in a newspaper. It’s the same reason people would rather get their news from Jon Stewart than from Wolf Blitzer. And it’s the reason your PR efforts could succeed or fail.

Today, people want news that speaks to them instead of above them. They want something entertaining that draws them into the story, not a hard lead that simply states the 5w’s. They want brands to engage in a conversation with them. And with WDG as your online media partner, digital PR can do just that.