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What’s Our Secret Recipe For Successful Online Media Campaigns?

Spice, spice baby.

Go turn on your air conditioner, because it’s about to get hot in here

WDG spices up online media campaigns by first analyzing audience demographics to discover which media properties are most promising. Then we stir and lick the spoon to see what’s needed: a dash of behavioral targeting, a pinch of geographic targeting.Then we throw in a cupful of creative development, copywriting, voiceovers and banner ad design. What’s next? A sprinkling of trafficking, tracking and refining. All so you can increase your digital share of voice, lower lead acquisition costs and gain greater returns from your online media initiatives.

I contact us and we’ll get started on your very own killer campaign.

Echoing the words of the baby from “Dinosaurs”, these are not your momma’s display ads.

Ah, that funny middle class family from 60,000,003 BC. Pop-up ads that flood the page and fail to positively target an audience are almost as ancient as the carnivorous reptiles themselves. Today, online banner ads have evolved beyond star bursts and flashing colors. Online banner ads are targeted, they’re creative and with the right online marketing partner—they get results.

In fact, a recent study performed by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) and comScore found that online display ads can have a significant impact on search and consumer engagement. This means that, when used as part of an integrated online marketing plan, online banner ads help:

In other words, unlike those pop-up ads from the ’90’s, today’s banner advertising campaigns work. Take, for example, a recent integrated online marketing campaign that WDG conducted for a client that included targeted banner advertisements. Overall, the entire digital marketing campaign resulted in a 505 percent increase in ROI. Sound interesting?

The Key to Effective Online Media Placement is Targeting

When banner ad targeting came on the scene, Zack Morris phones and the original IBM computers became a thing of the past. (Note, we’re not saying that these things became extinct because of online advertising campaigns. The timing is simply a coincidence). Today, successful media placement campaigns incorporate rich media, are creative and are pleasing to the eye. And they also have a healthy dose of targeting. Because who sees the ad is just as important as what the online banner ad looks like.

Current popular forms of banner ad targeting include:

These forms of online media placement allow you to target your audience based on things like age, gender, socioeconomic status, web-surfing behaviors, geographic location, time of day and information that your prospective customers have included on their social profiles.

Another popular form of banner ad targeting is called retargeting. Basically, by placing a line of code on your website, you are able to place cookies on users who visit the site. As they continue to surf the web, your ad banners will be served to them—helping your brand stay top of mind.

WDG’s media planners are schooled in all the different forms of ad targeting and placement, and can build a marketing campaign for your company that gets results.

Don’t Forget the Analytics

By creating an impactful advertisement banner and targeting it to a specific audience, you are ensuring that the ad gets clicks. And clicks are great—they expose more people to your marketing message. But then what?

The answer is analytics. You need to measure what happens beyond the click. For instance, did the potential customer make a conversion, such as signing up for an e-newsletter or requesting more information? Did they complete a sale? It’s important to gather all of these analytics to help you determine if the ad creative is working, if the message is getting across, if the landing page is working and a lot more. Clicks are great, but what you do with those clicks will determine what you bring in as a result of your online advertising program. At WDG, we offer our display advertising clients tracking technology,  to help them monitor the effectiveness of their online media placement campaigns. In other words, we make sure your ad not only gets seen by your target audience, we create rich-media advertisements that get interactions and make sales. And we know that because we’re able to measure it—every step of the way.

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