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CREATIVE Design Services

WDG’s Creative Services Include:

It’s Time to Unleash the Creative Design Fury

It must be some sort of secret potion, because the results our clients are able to achieve with the landing pages and flash banner ads they design truly are magical.

If you ask our designers, it’s about right brain and left brain, strategy and creativity. And when you partner with WDG for creative design services, you get the best of both worlds. Our web graphic design services include:

Ready to make the leap from run-of-the mill to jaw dropping? Contact us. We’ll work with you to pull together works of digital art that will knock your socks off. And more importantly, keep your phone ringing.

How can design help increase landing page conversion rates?

Let’s say, for a minute, that you’re wearing tennis shoes. They’re old and beat up, and while sitting in front of your computer, you notice a giant hole in one of them. While surfing the web you see a discount on running shoes—perfect timing! You click on the ad—and right here is where 50% of sales are lost.

Customers may be coming to your pay per click landing pages with credit card in hand, ready to buy. But if the landing page they get sent to (or worse, no landing page at all) isn’t properly designed, odds are incredibly high that they will abandon your product for your competitors’.

At WDG, we know what it takes to create a visually pleasing AdWords landing page, and we know how to optimize it to ensure you get results. It involves:

Curious what that “more” is?

Flash Banner Ad Design

How do you increase the ROI of online flash banner ads?

We all know them, and we all despise them—pop-up ads that don’t work. Thankfully, today’s banner advertisements have moved well beyond those early ads from the ’90s. They’re targeted, and with the right digital marketing partner, the rich media creative will stop your target audience dead in their tracks and compel them to click through to the expertly-designed landing page (see above). Notice we didn’t say “the right offer.” While that’s imperative to your flash ad banner’s success, your target audience may never even see your offer without the right creative.

Your ad banner has three screens and usually less than 30 seconds to draw your customers in. This means that the graphics and copy on your advertising banners need to be flawless—the kind of work that gets results. Luckily, that’s our specialty:

Learn more about our creative design services. And request a proposal today