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There was a time long, long ago when the phrase “mobile marketing” referred to mobile billboards and road shows. Ah yes, those hazy crazy 1990’s.

Today, mobile marketing is all about reaching your audience on the one thing they never leave home without. Yes the cell phone, that’s it. Man’s new best friend.

With the limits of pocket-sized technology growing fewer each day, making sure your brand can keep in front of your audience is easier than ever before with mobile marketing from WDG. And since their mobile device is where they work, shop, play and connect—finding your brand in the palm of their hand when they need it is a welcome perk. Integrate mobile marketing into your digital initiatives and see for yourself.

WDG’s Mobile Marketing Services Include:

They Don’t Call It a Crackberry for Nothing.

If you were trapped in a fire and could only take one non-human thing with you out of your house, what would it be? A photo of loved ones? Your cat? Sadly for the cat, the one thing that most Americans would probably grab is their cell phone.

While you can’t cuddle up to it at night, stroke its soft fur for comfort or get some amusement watching it expel a hairball-smartphones are quickly becoming the one thing that we can’t live without. And we use our iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones for everything. They were responsible for more than $1 million in sales for Pizza Hut, have helped Sherwin-Williams inspire thousands of homeowners to begin a do-it-yourself project with new paint colors, and even saved one man’s life after the Haiti earthquake.

It’s clear—mobile marketing has unlocked a goldmine of potential.

WDG is ready to help you cash in. Our mobile marketing services include:

Find out more about how we can help you create, build and execute mobile marketing campaigns.

Your laptop is a giant.

Seriously. You know how we look back at those early desktop computers and laugh? Well, the mobile market is sending your laptop down the same road. With built-in wireless technology, today your customers are using their cell phones to access the Internet. But when they get to your website, what is waiting there to greet them on the small screen? In other words, just because your website looks great on your home or office computer does not mean that it appears the same way, or even renders, on a mobile phone. In today’s fast-paced, always-connected world there’s website design, and then there’s mobile website design. Find out how WDG can help you with both. We’re a leading integrated online marketing company that specializes in mobile marketing solutions and website design. And that’s not all. Our other services include:

Contact WDG today to talk about how an integrated online marketing campaign, when coupled with mobile marketing services, can light a fire under your company’s ROI.