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You’re Right, Podcasting Is Just A Fad.

Like TV. Radio. The Internet. And cell phones. All rolled into one.

Wired once dubbed the podcast the “bastard offspring of the blog and the Apple MP3 player”.

Today, we’re sure it’s safe for the podcast to ask Wired, “Who’s your daddy?” And lucky for us, we’ve built a business choosing the right marketing fads. With 17.4 million monthly podcast downloads in 2008 and a predicted growth curve that doesn’t stop skyrocketing until 2013, getting in on the game is more than just a good idea.

Podcasts are audio broadcasts. Podcasts are video productions (viewed online and off) and podcasts aren’t confined to the screen of an iPod.

Audio/Video Podcasting Services Include:

Custom video demonstrations Flash movie creation Professional audio recording & production services Customizable, branded audio/video players Phone interview recordings

Tell us your story, we’ll turn it into a smashingly successful series. You can laugh all the way to the bank. Request a Proposal.

Who’s podcasting? Who’s listening? You may be surprised.

The technology was there. It is estimated that the U.S. audience will reach 38 million by 2013–more than double the audience just a few years ago.

The corporate scene hasn’t missed a beat, either. Check out who else is producing and sponsoring compelling, original podcasts:

In addition to producing podcasts for our clients, We have been producing professional podcasts on industry research and online marketing. Most recently, we brought listeners an edge-of-your-seat storie about the entrepreneurial spirit beating the odds along the bumpy road to success.

Podcasting: Savor it Now & Later

On demand for the on-the-go audience.

Get more listeners by archiving your podcast series–it is a medium that matures over time. Popular radio programs have reached new audiences by releasing podcast editions of weekly broadcasts. Simply, audio and video podcasts gain momentum whereas a broadcast is a one shot deal.

And industry white papers and press releases can be heard by your audience–your listeners literally get to hear the voice of your company.
Looking to add a little something extra? Video podcasts can add another level of engagement between you and your audience.

We offer a full production line of podcasting services: