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We Measure Everything.

We explain everything. And sometimes, the results just speak for themselves.

But other times, it’s like Donald Trump telling Joan Rivers, “You’re Hired.” You have to see it to believe it.

Reams of data are useless if you can’t see the big picture.

Hey, where’s Poindexter when you need him? The boss wants to know if the new web strategy is paying off and if the company’s social media efforts are meeting the performance benchmarks. And you’ve got the numbers. A lot of numbers, actually. Everything from visits to “likes,” and then there is the newsletter and PPC campaigns to consider, too. Wait, you have been tracking all this from the beginning, right? It is difficult to measure success if your tools aren’t calibrated for the job.

Analytic Solutions for Everyone

Every man a Rembrandt! Every project manager an analyst!

In the 1950’s a commercial artist teamed up with a paint company in Detroit, Michigan to bring art to the masses. The “Paint by Numbers” kits flew off the shelves, giving hope to the hobbyist and amateur artist. We can’t promise that you’ll become a Rembrandt, but our  marketing analytics skills, will help you see the big picture. Unlike the Jackson Pollacks of web analytics, our team of analysts helps you pull the stats together to give you a clear picture. It’s not exactly “Paint by Numbers,” but it is equally revolutionary.

Translating Your Analytics Numbers into Colorful Action

The numbers tell the tale of sales and conversions

Do you know what your leading sales driver is online? Are leads coming in as a result of the company e-newsletter, or is a paid search ad driving traffic? Identify what works and what doesn’t. Take action and monitor changes. WDG’s client success specialists can help identify where you’re losing traffic–and sales. And once you can identify the issue, you and your team can respond. You can’t improve your ROI if you don’t know what needs fixing.

The Right Analytics Tool for the Job

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Do you know what your analytics software is telling you? Not all tools are created equal–or for the same purpose, for that matter. You wouldn’t use your kitchen scale to weigh an elephant. Websites have grown in size and complexity, as have online marketing campaigns. And there are different methods for analyzing on-and-off-site traffic. Because it’s not just the on-site visits that matter–the potential for visitors converting from social networks and blogs matters too. WDG has sophisticated and specialized tools to report on natural and paid search traffic separately, so you can clearly see the big picture.

WE at WDG do;

Put away the slide ruler away and start collecting robust web analytics. Give us a call to find out more about life, art and the numbers behind your online marketing.