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We’re WEB Designs Geek. A digital marketing/website design,agency as well as graphic design and video production and finally computer training and repair-tech support.

But we don’t act like a digital marketing agency—because most are too pompous, too razzle-dazzle, too Slick-Rick for us. (Yeah, we said it.) Keep it real. Otherwise, in the immortal words of Holden Caulfield, you’re just a phony.

We’re a conglomerate of more than 40 ridiculously skilled team members in a state-of-the-art facility working tirelessly to better your business. It takes project managers, team leaders, account managers, media coordinators,  SEO gurus, social media mavens, voice talent, design geniuses, crazy-smart programmers, delicately powerful PR masters, eloquent copy writers and a dog or two to get the digital marketing job done. And we’re still growing.

We started as a small, scrappy website design company that grew into a larger, scrappier search engine marketing powerhouse that grew into a full-service digital  agency. It all began with a simple hand-written note duct taped to the wall:

“Be Humble, Be Honest, Be Professional.”

Call us at 919-399-2768 or drop us a line.


And the true beauty of our culture lies in our work ethic. It’s one you’ll only find in the South and we’re proud to say, you’ll find it here. If you were to drop by for a visit, you’d find us rolling up our sleeves and working together to get the job done. But, you’d find us in flip flops and tennis shoes where you might expect to find stilettos and shiny loafers. You see, we find getting things done to be the sexiest part of our day jobs. Shiny shoes and perfect hair come second.

We’re a group of down to earth human beings, we’re treated like human beings and the result of our unique agency culture can be seen in our award winning work. It’s the work of a well balanced team and you likely might not find that anywhere else.

WebAward (2009)

Awarded a B2B Standard of Excellence 2009 WebAward for outstanding achievement in web development for

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