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Production is the filming stage of your shoot which includes cinematography, audio and lights, as well as directing, art and effects.

WDG is a full-service, award winning production company that has been successfully serving a wide scope of clients for 15 years. Our clients come from across the country and across the street, from the smallest operations to the largest corporations in the world. With state-of-the-art tools and a dedicated team of creative individuals Concept One Media strives to produce your ideas far beyond normal expectations. We not only create amazing content... We create results

Concept Post-Production

Development Media Digitizing Scripwriting

Non-Linear Editing Branding Sound Design

Marketing Motion Graphics Visual Effects


DVD Develop. Logistics Software Develop.

Budgeting Location Scouting

Duplication & Delivery

Casting Compression Print-To-Tape


Packaging Directors/DP/Crew Duplication

Camera Packages Distribution Lighting Design

Live Events

WDG Production can help you develop your projects from the first concept to delivery, and any combination of services in between

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Passionate and committed to producing broadcast quality programming, WDG works closely with clients to turn their video visions into a reality. WDG’s goal for every finished project is to create a program that CAPTIVATES the audience for which it is intended.

We have many AVID Editors and Directors that adept at crafting together a story utilizing the same elements used in traditional filmmaking. They have been actively involved in corporate training programs with United Airlines, and ITT.

As our legal video specialist, Donna has acquired professional training with the National Court Reporter's Association. Her formal legal training and film background help her create "day-in-the-life" documentaries and settlement brochures that visually and effectively, tell your clients' story.